Federal authorities in the US are investigating billionaire Elon Musk

Federal authorities in the United States are investigating multibillionaire Elon Musk for his actions related to his bid to buy Twitter Inc. for $44 billion.

This is clear from a document filed in court by the technology corporation that owns the social network of the same name, Reuters informs.

The document notes that Musk is under investigation, but does not specify the reason for it or which federal authorities are conducting it.

The tech company, which in July filed a lawsuit against the entrepreneur to force him to complete the deal in accordance with the preliminary agreement, announced that Musk’s lawyers refused to provide it with documents it requested, claiming they were subject to ” investigative secret”.

At the end of September, the multibillionaire’s lawyers submitted a request in which they indicated a “list of confidential documents” that should not be presented, Twitter announced.

They include a “working version” of a May 13 email to the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and a slide presentation (presenting text, images, diagrams, clips, etc. – ed.), intended for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), responsible for consumer protection and competition enforcement.

The document filed by Twitter is a request to a Delaware judge to order Musk’s lawyers to produce the documents. It was submitted on October 6.

This comes on the day the judge announced he was temporarily suspending the trial after it was previously reported that the multi-billionaire had decided not to back out of the deal to buy the tech company, Reuters recalled.

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