The authorities in Russia decided to raise the price of vodka

The minimum price of a half-liter retail bottle jumps from the current 261 rubles to 281 rubles

The authorities in Russia decided to surprisingly raise the price of vodka. The minimum retail price of a half-liter bottle of vodka from January 1, 2023, should be increased from the current 261 rubles. to 281 rubles, proposed by the Ministry of Finance, Russian media reported. The draft of the relevant order is published on the Federal portal for projects of regulatory legal acts.

The minimum purchase price of vodka from the manufacturer is proposed to be increased from 214 to 229 rubles. for a half-liter bottle, wholesale – from 222 to 238 rubles.

The minimum retail price (MRP) of a half-liter bottle of cognac, according to the project, should be increased from 480 to 517 rubles. brandy – from 349 to 375 rubles.

The order on the previous minimum increase in the price of alcohol was issued in January 2022. Then the minimum retail price for vodka was increased from 243 to 261 rubles. The cheapest cognac in stores has increased in price from 446 to 480 rubles, and the minimum retail price of brandy has increased from 324 to 348 rubles.

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