The end of the cheap use of electric cars has come

Switzerland will be the first in Europe to introduce a tax per kilometer traveled to compensate for revenue from excise duties on fuels

Relatively cheaper charging and tax breaks are the main advantages of electric cars over conventional cars, and they somewhat offset their much higher initial price. But the end of these advantages is already in sight: Switzerland will become the first European country to introduce an extraordinary tax on electric vehicles.

In the future, electric car owners in Europe will feel like they are in a taxi. From the point of view of road maintenance, however, the tax per kilometer is fairer – the one who uses and depreciates the roads more pays more.

The government in Bern has confirmed that a task force in the transport ministry has already been tasked with formulating the proposal for such a tax and presenting it by the end of the year. The rate will be based on the kilometers traveled, and will probably be multiplied by an additional factor according to the class and mass of the specific car. Before it can be implemented, however, it will have to be approved by a referendum by Swiss citizens.

With the mass introduction of electric cars, governments in Europe are losing one of their main sources of revenue – the excise tax on fuels. Back in 2018, Automedia. bg warned that the introduction of some kind of tax on electric cars, most likely based on kilometers traveled, was inevitable. A similar option is already being developed in Great Britain and several EU countries.

In Switzerland, excise tax revenues are directly channeled into the maintenance of the road network. After the EV boom of the past two years, those revenues are already starting to decline. The authorities plan to introduce the compensatory tax in 2030.

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