Biden: There will be consequences for Saudi Arabia after the OPEC+ decision

The US president does not think that Putin will use tactical nuclear weapons in the war with Ukraine

“There will be consequences” for Saudi Arabia after OPEC+’s decision to reduce its oil production quotas, US President Joe Biden promised last night in an interview with CNN.

However, he did not specify what decisions might be taken.

Earlier, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby explained that Biden wanted to “reassess” relations between the two countries after OPEC+ announced its decision to cut quotas, which could lead to a sharp rise in oil prices.

Biden also said he did not think Russian President Vladimir Putin would use tactical nuclear weapons in the war with Ukraine.

Asked by host Jake Tapper how realistic he thought it was for Putin to use a tactical nuclear weapon, Biden replied: “I don’t think he would.” Putin is a “rational actor who made a significant miscalculation,” he added.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said it was critical that international partners join the US in supporting Ukraine, and called on partners and allies to quickly pay back their existing commitments as well as increase their efforts, Reuters reported.

“Two weeks ago, Congress passed $4.5 billion in direct budget support for Ukraine, which I am pleased to announce that the United States intends to pay to the Ukrainian government in the coming weeks,” Yellen said at the start of her meeting with the Treasury secretary. of Ukraine Serhii Marchenko. “We are committed to providing you with these funds as soon as possible,” she added.

“But let me be clear: international support for Ukraine is a collective effort. We call on our partners and allies to join us by quickly repaying their existing commitments to Ukraine and by increasing their efforts to help Ukraine continue to function government services and also to help Ukraine start building and rebuilding,” she said.

Острите коментари на Йелън относно ангажиментите на партньорите отразяват нарастващата неудовлетвореност сред американските и украинските служители от действията на Европейския съюз, който обеща 9 милиарда долара в подкрепа на Украйна, но досега е предоставил само 1 милиард долара, отбелязва Ройтерс. Източници, запознати с въпроса, твърдят, че по-специално Германия е забавила процеса на отпускане на средства за Украйна.

Йелън и други финансови служители от Г-7 ще се срещнат днес в кулоарите на годишните срещи на Международния валутен фонд и Световната банка, за да обсъдят нуждите на Украйна от финансиране и възстановяване.


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