Biden wished Musk good luck on his journey to the moon

He replied on Twitter with "Thank you, Mr. President"

US President Joe Biden criticized Tesla and made a comparison between it and Ford, and then wished “good luck” to the CEO, billionaire Elon Musk, on his trip to the moon.

All this came after a statement by Musk, in which he expressed reservations about the state of the US economy, Reuters reported.

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Musk wrote in an email to Tesla’s management that “there is a very bad feeling about the state of the economy” and said that about 10% of employees would have to be laid off.

Biden said the problem could be with Musk’s company. “While Elon Musk is talking about this, Ford is sharply increasing its investment,” Biden said. “Ford is increasing its investment and building new electric cars,” he added.

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“So, you know, good luck on the trip to the moon,” Biden said sarcastically.

Musk responded on Twitter with “Thank you, Mr. President,” adding a link to NASA’s decision to give Musk’s company SpaceX a contract to build a spacecraft to take astronauts to the moon.

This is not the first exchange of scathing remarks between the 79-year-old president, who admits he sometimes explodes, and the 50-year-old billionaire, who has become the world’s richest man and turned his attention to US and Twitter political debates.

Electric cars are central to Biden’s plan to make the United States a leading manufacturing power, compete with China and avoid global warming. But he is paying more attention to the Detroit company, a competitor of Musk, Reuters notes.

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For his part, Musk has often sent sarcastic tweets to the US head of state, complaining that he does not receive recognition for his achievements.

In May, Musk said he would no longer vote for members of the Democratic Party of the United States, which he said has become a “party of division and hatred.” He also said he would restore former President Donald Trump’s access to Twitter after receiving a controlling stake in the company.

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