Court rejects Trump’s request to delay hearing in defamation case

A court today rejected a request by the defense of former US President Donald Trump to postpone the questioning in a defamation case, Reuters and the Associated Press reported.

It’s a defamation lawsuit filed against Trump by author EJ Carroll in November 2019, five months after he denied raping her in a Manhattan store fitting room in the 1990s. Trump’s words: “She’s not my type” became the reason for the case.

One of Trump’s main lines of defense in the case is that Carroll had no standing to file it because, at the time, the billionaire enjoyed immunity under a federal law barring lawsuits as president. for defamation against government officials.

Last month, Trump’s defense tried to temporarily halt the case after a Manhattan appeals court ordered a Washington appeals court to rule on whether Trump was acting in his capacity as president when he called Carroll a “liar” in 2019 In connection with this procedural move, Carroll stated that Trump is not willing to cooperate in order for the process to develop normally.

In addition, Trump’s defense had requested that the questioning of the former president in the appeals court in Washington be postponed. But today, Judge Lewis Kaplan in Manhattan rejected that request.

E. Jane Carroll’s defense expressed satisfaction with the court’s decision to deny the Trump defense’s request.

Carroll also plans to file lawsuits against Trump for insult and emotional harm, BTA adds.

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