In the White House! Biden and Macron pledged to support Ukraine as long as necessary

The two presidents confirm that NATO's nuclear arsenal is necessary to preserve peace and deter aggression against the alliance

US and French Presidents Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron pledged to support Ukraine as long as necessary. This was stated in a joint statement of the two leaders, issued after their conversation in the White House, reported France Press.

“The American and French presidents confirm that their countries’ support for Ukraine will continue and commit, in particular, to providing it with political, security, humanitarian and economic assistance as long as necessary,” the statement said. the text.

The two countries are also committed to providing resources to Ukraine over the winter, including expediting deliveries of air defense systems and equipment to repair the power grid.

In the statement, the two leaders pledged to hold Russia accountable for “the widely documented atrocities and war crimes in Ukraine committed by both its regular armed forces and its proxies, including mercenary structures,” Reuters added.

The text also says that the two presidents are committed to coordinating their countries’ response to challenges coming from China, particularly on the issue of respect for human rights, AFP reported. The statement noted that the two countries will also work with China on important global issues such as climate change. However, the US and China call for the preservation of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait, the document also said.

Biden and Macron hailed the courage of Iranian protesters who want to gain the right to exercise their fundamental human rights and freedoms, which Iran has said it will uphold and ignores, the statement also said, AFP reported.

In the statement, the two leaders stated their determination to ensure that Iran never develops or acquires a nuclear weapon, Reuters reported.

Biden and Macron also condemned North Korea’s ballistic tests this year.

In the text, the two leaders recognize the importance of having a stronger and more capable European defence. They also affirm that NATO’s nuclear arsenal is needed to preserve peace and deter aggression against the alliance.

The US and France are also committed to expanding the prospects for military-technical cooperation.

The two countries pledged to work to establish a US-EU task force on the US deflationary law, as well as strengthen their partnership on clean energy and climate change, Reuters reported. They also undertake to work to synchronize their approaches in the field of green energy, adds AFP.

The two leaders emphasized that their countries are committed to developing diversified and strong supply chains for critical minerals and that they will continue to work to diversify natural gas supplies to Europe, including through American ones.

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