Is Biden willing to negotiate with Putin?

Biden said he would talk to Putin, but only after consulting NATO allies

US President Joe Biden and French President Emmanuel Macron demonstrated their unity during the French leader’s visit to the US, reaffirming their support for Ukraine as a cold winter approaches that will test their alliance, a headline in. “New York Times”, writes BTA.

The publication draws attention to Biden’s words that he is willing to talk with Russian President Vladimir Putin about Ukraine, but with conditions. At a joint press conference with the French leader, who has defended the need for dialogue with Moscow, Biden said yesterday that he would talk to Putin, but only after consulting NATO allies and only if the Russian leader said he was “looking for a way to end the war.” The New York Times notes that Biden’s public expression of conditional readiness for contacts with Putin seemed to please French representatives and turned into unexpected support for Macron’s approach, the American publication points out.

“The New York Times” also quoted Macron as saying that France would increase its military support for Ukraine and that “it would never call on the Ukrainians to make a compromise that would not be acceptable to them.” According to the newspaper, with this statement, the French leader wanted to demonstrate the unity of the USA and France on the Ukrainian issue.

In practice, the two leaders reached a mutual understanding, with Biden appearing more open to a negotiated settlement and Macron expressing stronger support for the Ukrainian cause. Although rather theatrical, the meeting between the presidents seems to have exceeded the expectations of both sides, notes the New York Times.

The newspaper quoted French officials as saying that during the three-hour one-on-one meeting, Biden and Macron agreed that more victories for Ukraine on the battlefield would be an important leverage in negotiations with Moscow. In practice, the idea of negotiations seems far-fetched at a time when Putin has nothing to call a victory, and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky holds the initiative in the war, the publication notes.

At their state dinner last night, Biden and Macron showed that they stand “shoulder to shoulder,” says a headline in the Washington Post. At the dinner, the two presidents raised toasts to crown their mutual understanding, seasoned with slight disagreements, the publication points out. The dinner, organized in honor of the French leader and featuring a performance by the famous singer and instrumentalist John Baptiste, was the culmination of a state visit this week, during which Macron and Biden sought new ways to demonstrate their closeness and smear their common enemy, the Russian president Vladimir Putin, emphasizes “Washington Post”. “I actually grew up in a place called New Castle, Delaware County, near the Brandywine battlefield,” Biden said at the end of the state dinner, “where a young man named Marquis De Lafayette fought for the American cause and became close friends with a man named George Washington”.

The publication stated that Macron compared Lafayette’s contribution to the American Revolution to that of American servicemen during the Normandy landings, an operation to achieve, maintain or restore freedom. “In many places today these principles are at risk,” but “we stand together, shoulder to shoulder,” Macron was quoted as saying by the US newspaper. Despite their differences, Biden and Macron demonstrated unity, the French newspaper Mond wrote in a headline. Demonstrating perfect understanding, the two presidents expressed a desire to “synchronize” their approaches in the field of green energy investments. They are committed to making “mutually beneficial” environmental transitions, the publication said.

“We want to succeed together, not by acting against each other,” Macron said at a joint press conference with Biden, as quoted by the French newspaper. The two leaders also demonstrated their unity not only on the war in Ukraine but also on international issues, saying they were “coordinating” their response to “the challenges posed by China”, particularly in the area of human rights, and ensuring that will work “with Beijing on important global issues such as climate change,” the paper noted.

France’s Figaro takes a detailed look at Macron’s schedule on the last day of his visit to the US, in which the French leader is scheduled to visit New Orleans. The French president ends his state visa with a visit to the state of Louisiana, where he will announce, in particular, the creation of the “French for All” fund, through which the study of the French language in the United States will be stimulated, the publication wrote in the headline. The newspaper recalled that New Orleans, once a French possession, was sold to the United States by Napoleon Bonaparte in 1803. As part of Macron’s visit, talks are also planned with “companies involved in energy and climate issues,” the Elysée Palace said. , quoted from “Figaro”. In addition, French Foreign Minister Catherine Colonnade and Louisiana Governor John Edwards are expected to sign an energy transition agreement with this “extremely proactive” gas and oil-producing state, the French publication said.


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