It is clear when Trump announces his candidacy for the US presidential election

This will happen on November 15

Former US President Donald Trump will make official his candidacy for the presidential election on November 15, Tuesday, one of the Republican’s close advisers has confirmed. So far, the tycoon has only hinted that he is considering running for office, and he recently promised that he would announce something important on November 15. “President Trump will announce on Tuesday that he is a candidate for the presidential election. It will be a very polished message, carefully prepared,” said Jason Miller, an adviser to Trump, quoted by BTA.

“Of course, I’m going to run. I’m going to run and I want to make sure people know that I’m full of energy and that we need to get this country back on track,” Trump told Miller. “Everyone knows I’m going to run, so let’s do it,” he added.

Trump’s influence in the Republican Party remains strong, but it suffered slightly from the results of the midterm elections, in which his allies performed disappointingly.

On the other hand, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, the new star of the hard right-wing, was triumphantly re-elected. This victory establishes him as a potential challenger to Trump for the Republican presidential nomination. In recent days, however, Trump did not stop reminding that Desantis owes his political successes to him, Reuters reported.

Trump also stepped up his criticism of other leading Republican figures. For example, in the address of the governor of the state of Virginia, Glenn Yankin, Trump made a comment with a racist flavor. He pronounced his name as: “Yang Qin” in a post on his social network “Truth Social” and added: “Doesn’t this name sound Chinese to you?”.

Neither Desantis nor Yankin have announced they will run for the Republican nomination in two years’ time.

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