Macron’s party renamed “Renaissance”

French President Emmanuel Macron's party has officially renamed itself "Renaissance", France Press reported.

Formed just a year before Macron became head of state in 2016, the liberal formation helped secure his re-election to the office this spring. But given that he is not allowed to run for a third term, the party is now reinventing itself, AFP notes.

The name change was supported by 87 percent of the participants in a congress of Macron’s formation held yesterday. Until now, the party was called “Republic, forward!”.

“If we are not united, the extreme (right and left) will take over,” Macron warned yesterday, who is now the honorary chairman of “Vazrazhdane”.

The French liberal president defeated far-right leader Marine Le Pen in a runoff election in April. He also faced her in the second round of the 2017 presidential election, when she received 2.6 million fewer votes than now.

In June’s parliamentary elections, Macron’s party lost its absolute majority in the National Assembly, and Le Pen’s National Assembly won a record 89 seats.

Stefan Sejourne was elected as the new chairman of “Vazrazhdane”. The 37-year-old former aide to Macron is chairman of the group of the French president’s party in the European Parliament.

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