Obama stepped in to prevent the Democrats from losing Congress in a landslide

The former US President Barack Obama, during which the current Joe Biden was the US Vice President, joined the campaign for the mid-term elections for the Congress, reported AFP.

On Friday, October 28, the two men spoke at the same time in two different parts of the United States: Biden in Pennsylvania and Obama in Georgia, two crucial states for the Democratic Party’s bid for Congress. Both presidents used much the same arguments: the need to save American democracy by blocking Donald Trump’s Republican Party.

Long known for his oratory skills, Obama has sometimes stolen the spotlight from his former vice president, whose campaign appearances have been more prosaic. “If they win, there’s no telling what could happen. I need you to get off the couch and vote! Put your phone down, give TikTok a break, and vote!” Obama said of Republicans, visibly enjoying the crowd’s enthusiasm to hear it in Atlanta.

It was a return to the stage for the former president, who ruled for two terms ending in early 2017. Out of the public eye, Obama devoted himself to producing documentaries, writing, and philanthropy. But now, as a campaign surrogate, Obama is very busy.

After Georgia, Obama headed to Michigan and Wisconsin for campaign events on Saturday. On Tuesday, he will be in Nevada and then Pennsylvania. Obama’s oratorical skills were on display Saturday in Detroit when a campaigner interrupted him. “I’m speaking right now. You’ll have a chance to speak later… That’s not the way we do things,” Obama said calmly.

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