Our former ambassador to the US revealed what will happen if Trump returns to power and whether Biden is in danger

There is intrigue in the US midterm elections. At stake is the Democratic majority in the House of Representatives.

They are very likely to lose. The election campaign has focused particularly strongly on the members of the Senate. This was stated by our former ambassador to the USA, Elena Poptodorova, in the program “The Day Live” on Nova News.

“Indicative of the tough Senate race is that there is a fight for every single seat. Both camps are quick to secure their own supporters. The strongest appeal was to the voters themselves to come out and vote. “The Democrats haven’t lost much of their support, but there is a risk that the wavers will spill over to the Republicans,” she warned.

“This is not just an election for representatives of the Senate and the House of Representatives, it also affects local authorities. The stake is whether there will be a shift to a more authoritarian way of governing the country. It is believed that if Donald Trump reaches for power, it would mean authoritarian tendencies in the US. In this way, an attempt can be made to make decisions alone,” emphasized Poptodorova.

In her words, economic issues in recent days have taken precedence over abortion, which was the main topic of the Democrats.

Regarding the threats that the current president, Joe Biden, will be removed by impeachment, our former ambassador to the United States stated: “So far, there is no sitting president in the United States who has been removed through impeachment proceedings. It will be a spectacle with a vindictive element to Trump, who has yet to shake off the tax fraud prosecutions. This will make it very difficult to govern the USA. If both houses fall into Republican hands, it will stop the implementation of Biden’s policies. His only weapon will remain the veto,” she explained.

“There are hopes, especially in the Kremlin, that the coming to power of the Republican Party will mean a total change of policy towards Ukraine. This is not so. In any case, aid to Ukraine will continue. The change will be more about the amount of financial support”, predicts Elena Poptodorova.

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