The US House vote: Republicans are close to a majority in the House of Representatives. The situation in the Senate is deadlocked

"Republicans are close to gaining a majority in the House of Representatives (the lower house of the US parliament)," reported the BBC.

According to data from the British media corporation, at the moment, former President Donald Trump’s supporters are getting 210 seats, and the Democratic Party, which nominated the current head of state, Joe Biden, has 192 representatives. “At least 218 MPs are needed for a majority in the 435-seat parliament and the Republican Party is close to achieving that goal,” the BBC added.

“In the Senate (the upper house of the legislative power body in Washington), the situation is deadlocked. Both parties have 48 representatives each in the 100-seat Senate,” the UK media also pointed out.

“The votes have not yet been counted in two states – Arizona and Nevada,” the BBC added.

To recall, the results of the state of Georgia will become clear in early December.


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