The US insists that it does not want World War III with Russia

According to Anthony Blinken, it is critical for US President Joe Biden to prevent further escalation of the Ukrainian conflict

The United States wants to ensure that the conflict in Ukraine does not escalate into a world war. This was stated by US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken in an interview with “France 2”.

He pointed out that Washington is in contact with Russia to prevent the potential use of nuclear weapons by Moscow.

“We have not noticed any unusual actions in this direction, but there are such concerns. We do not rule out such a turn of events,” emphasized the American first diplomat.

According to him, it is of critical importance that US President Joe Biden prevent further escalation of the Ukrainian conflict.

“We don’t want a war with Russia, and above all, we don’t want a Third World War; that’s not what we’re aiming for,” Blinken was emphatic.

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