The US is voting in crucial midterm elections

Americans vote today in crucial midterm elections. The battle is for all 435 deputies in the House of Representatives, for 35 of 100 seats in the Senate, for 39 governorships, as well as for prosecutors and representatives of local authorities.

Preliminary polls showed a Republican lead. At the moment, the House of Representatives is dominated by the Democrats /220-210 seats with 5 vacancies/, the situation is the same in the Senate – /50 Democrats – 48 Republicans, and 2 independents/. Republicans had an advantage only in governorships – 28 against 22 states.

Key battles loom in Pennsylvania and Georgia. In Pennsylvania, multimillionaire surgeon Mehmet Oz of RP is facing former mayor John Fetterman of DP in a battle for a Senate seat. In Georgia, Democrat Raphael Warnock – the first black senator – will fight for re-election in a rivalry with Herschel Walker, a former African-American athlete supported by Donald Trump.

40 million Americans voted in advance. 18 million Americans voted early in person, and another 22 million people sent a ballot by mail.

Former US President Donald Trump said he will make an “important statement” next week in Florida, hinting again that he will run for president, world news agencies reported.


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