The USA, with new military aid to Ukraine, also imposed sanctions on more Russian representatives

The United States is providing $600 million in new military aid to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian military fight Russian forces, the White House said. Aid is expressed in equipment and services, but also in training. For its part, the Pentagon clarified that the new aid will include, in particular, missiles for the Hymars systems that have already been delivered to Kyiv, as well as projectiles compatible with other systems available to the Ukrainian forces. Washington is also sending anti-artillery radars, armored vehicles, anti-drone systems, demining equipment, and calibrated equipment to meet the needs of the Ukrainian forces, said the number one US diplomat Anthony Blinken.

The new aid does not include missiles capable of hitting targets 300 kilometers away, which Kyiv insists on. Since the beginning of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the US has provided Kyiv with military aid in the amount of more than 15 billion dollars. The announcement of the new aid comes as the Ukrainian army has been waging a major counter-offensive against Russian forces since the beginning of the month.

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