They tried to interrupt Biden’s speech with a ‘coyote howl’

Protesters tried to interrupt US President Joe Biden’s speech yesterday at the international climate conference under the auspices of the United Nations in Sharm el-Sheikh, imitating the howling of coyotes, France Press reported, citing its journalists on the ground.

Four people got up when Biden began to speak at the forum in the Egyptian resort on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and went to unfurl a banner with the slogan against “fossil fuels”, BTA reported.

Despite the “coyote howl”, the US president did not flinch and continued his speech, which was awaited with great interest.

The protesters, meanwhile, were quickly ushered out of the hall by UN security officials.

“Carbon offsets are a fake solution”, however, one of them managed to shout.

He was referring to the US program that allows companies to offset their carbon footprint by investing in projects that reduce greenhouse emissions in developing countries, AFP noted.

“We are headed for climate collapse in the immediate future and Jeff Bezos is not the man to save us,” the activist said, taking aim at the billionaire who is a partner in that program.

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