Trump called for re-election in one of the states

"At the very least, there should be a re-election in Arizona."

Former US President Donald Trump called for re-election in the state of Arizona on Tuesday on his social network Truth Social.

“This election was a shame. When the Republicans prepared everything for Election Day, and then when it happened, the Republican [vote processing] machines were broken,” the politician noted. “At the very least, there should be a re-election in Arizona.”

The US midterm elections were held on November 8. Republicans showed moderate results, although most media and public opinion polls predicted a landslide victory for them. The counting of votes continues, but according to the prediction of the leading American media, the Republican Party of the USA gets a majority in the House of Representatives. CNN estimates that Republicans have already secured 218 of the 435 seats in the lower house, while Democrats have 208. Democrats are expected to retain control of the Senate, Focus Agency reported.

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