Trump: I warned Putin of a severe blow if he enters another country

Former US President Donald Trump claims that in a private conversation with Russian dictator Vladimir Putin, he warned him that “Moscow will be attacked” if Russia enters any country.

He presented this version on Saturday at the annual conference of conservative circles of the Republican Party, held in the suburbs of Washington.

“I said, ‘Vladimir, don’t do that, you know we’re friends, don’t take over the countries, because then Moscow will be hit hard,'” Trump said, without specifying what kind of hit he meant. He added that the Russian leader “probably didn’t believe him.”

The former US president also said that if re-elected, he would “kick warmongers” and globalists out of the US government. In November 2022, he announced his intention to participate in the presidential elections in 2024. The current head of state, Joe Biden, informed about his plans to fight for re-election on November 9, but specified that he would not make a final decision until the beginning of 2023 .

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