Trump jumped on Biden for weapons for Ukraine: “First come the tanks, then the nuclear bombs. Stop the war”

Former US President Donald Trump criticized the US decision to send advanced tanks to Ukraine and called efforts to repel the Russian invasion a "mad war", DPA reported in partnership with TCA.

In his next criticism of sending aid to Ukraine, Trump repeated the Russian thesis that the sending of the Abrams M1 tanks was in practice an escalation that could lead to a nuclear war. “FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUCLEAR BOMBS,” Trump wrote on his social media. “End this insane war NOW. It’s that easy!” he added.

Trump, who hailed Putin and called him a “genius” at the start of the invasion last year, has long expressed skepticism about Western efforts to protect Ukraine. While US President Joe Biden has led efforts to help Kyiv, Trump and his allies have repeatedly demanded that the US stop funding the troubled country.

US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia echoed Trump’s comments and called aid to Ukraine a “corrupt criminal fund”. “We must stop funding Ukraine,” Green wrote in a post on his official Twitter account. “This war must stop,” she added.

Without the help of the USA, Ukraine probably would not have been able to push the Russian troops out of its territory, and Russia would have been able to permanently annex the occupied territories, DPA points out. Biden is adamant that the West will not waver in its determination to help Ukraine defend itself.

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