Trump reveals his plan to stop the war – by giving parts of Ukraine to Russia, Fox News cut the speech

Donald Trump has long insisted that the war in Ukraine would never have happened if he were still president. Today, The Daily Beast revealed that the former president claimed he would have prevented war by allowing Russia to “take” parts of Ukraine. Saying that Russia would do “the whole enchilada” with Joe Biden as president, Trump added that Russia “didn’t take anything” while he was in the White House because Russian President Vladimir Putin “understood” that he would “never did it”.

“Putin realized he couldn’t do it, he couldn’t do it. Remember, under Bush he invaded Georgia, under Obama he took Crimea, and under Biden they take everything. It seems they will take everything, the whole country, they have come for the whole “enchilada”. At least that’s how it seems to me. They’ve gone all out, you won’t hear that on the fake news, but that’s what it looks like to me. And with Trump, you remember what they took – they took nothing, Russia. He realized he would never do it. That’s without even negotiating a deal. I could negotiate. At worst, I could make a deal for them to take something, you know, there are certain areas that are Russian-speaking, to be honest, but we could make a deal. Now Ukraine is torn to pieces, people are dying, their cities – beautiful, ancient cities – are literally being wiped out. So many people are dying, and this is something that would not happen. And China no longer respects us,” says Trump.

Later that evening, excerpts of the “exclusive” interview with Trump aired on Fox News’ primetime broadcast, along with highlights from Trump’s bombastic speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Although the part in which the former president boasts that he could have stopped the war was aired, the part in which Trump reveals his plan was curiously omitted. Instead, shortly after Trump says, “I could have negotiated,” the audio quickly skips to about 30 seconds of speaking time before cutting back to where the former president addresses his complaint that “China no longer respects the United States.” . Trump has repeatedly boasted in recent weeks that it would be “easy” to end the crisis, claiming it would only take him a day to reach a peace deal between Russia and Ukraine. “We can end the Ukrainian conflict in 24 hours with the right leadership,” he declared.

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