Trump wants immediate talks on Ukraine

Former US President Donald Trump, a Republican, believes that it is necessary to immediately start negotiations to end the conflict in Ukraine, otherwise, it could turn into World War III. “And now we have a conflict between Russia and Ukraine. … We have to get to immediate negotiations for a peaceful end to the war, or we’re going to get to World War III,” Trump said, speaking to supporters in Nevada.

Recently, Trump also commented that the policy of the current administration of Joe Biden towards Ukraine threatens a conflict on a global scale. At the time, he opined that if he had been re-elected as US president in the 2020 election, the conflict in Ukraine “would not have started”. “Remember that under Bush Jr. they lost Georgia. Under Obama they lost Crimea, and under Biden, they lost everything. But under Trump, nothing was lost,” said the former head of state, quoted by American and foreign media. “We’re going to get millions of lives lost, but we’re probably going to get a third world war,” argued the Republican, referring to the conflict in Ukraine. “Because of the stupidity of our statements and actions, we can have a third world war. We want to help these people because of what is happening to them, they are destroying themselves. But we can really have a third world war because of the way we behave in this question,” Trump warned, stressing that in this kind of conflict “there will be no winners.”

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