A speed of 20 km/h and a mileage of 12 km? No, it’s not a car, it’s an office chair

Volkswagen's latest invention has a top speed of 21 km/h and can travel up to 12 km on a single charge.

If such a presentation does not sound particularly impressive to you, we hasten to clarify that it is not an electric car, but an office chair. A high-tech office chair with the VW logo stamped on the back, to be exact.

The invention belongs to the Norwegian branch of Volkswagen, which in the rest of the time is responsible for the design and production of electric cars from the ID series of the brand. These are the designers and engineers who are responsible for creating the ID. Buzz – the successor to VW’s hipper van.

Apparently, the specialists have some free time left, because the chair is already available and even has a seat belt.

At the moment, the office chair model does not have an official name, but we can see that it is equipped with gas and brake pedals, a horn, seat heating, and a quality stereo system.

“The chair is designed to give those who work in an office the feeling of driving a Volkswagen,” the company said.

From there, they specify that with this chair, the “driver” can not only drive but also press the horn and even give a turn signal, if, for example, he turns towards the conference hall (the example is from VW themselves).

The tires and rims are extremely reminiscent of the tires of a real car. The rims are made of the same aluminum alloy and are in the same shape as those of the ID series. The pedals are used not only for starting and stopping but also for changing direction, since the chair, of course, does not have a steering wheel.

The speed of 20 km/h can be considered quite decent, given that most electric scooters lift just that much.

The office chair is powered by a battery that is removed and charged, then returned. Futuristic LED strips pass through the armrests, and one armrest is equipped with a touchscreen display.

The backrest has a rear camera that projects the view from behind to prevent accidents. The armrests and the front part are also equipped with motion sensors, again to prevent unpleasant collisions between a person and a moving chair. The sensors also warn of obstacles on the road.

“With the headlamps on the armrests, you can brighten up even your darkest evening when you’re standing overtime at work. If a party suddenly starts in the office, you’ll immediately become the center of attention,” explains Volkswagen. The chair even has a trunk with a capacity of 0.005 cubic meters.

According to VW, this space is quite enough for office supplies, a tablet, or a laptop.

The Volkswagen office chair will not go into series production, which is not particularly surprising.

However, several finished prototypes are available for a test drive at the company’s headquarters in Norway. However, what has been happening in the market recently may also force VW to rethink whether to mass-produce the office chair and put it on the market.

On November 10, McDonald’s unveiled their own version of a gaming chair, branded with the chain’s logo and in its iconic yellow. IKEA also has its own take on the ultimate gaming and office chair.

Volkswagen, deliberately or not so simply, take the next step and, in addition to a stylish design, give their chair a small battery and a motor.

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