A superyacht is looking for a millionaire buyer after it managed to sink an entire oil tanker

The Utopia IV is the latest and hottest addition to the superyacht market.

This stylish and elegant boat with an elongated silhouette is the winner of the “Superyacht of the Year” award for 2019 – a prize with which only ten similar yachts of 40 meters and more were awarded this year.

“Utopia IV” also boasts 2,600 horsepower and a top speed of 33 knots. She has room for 12 guests, who could be comfortably accommodated in the six cabins available for them.

But the most impressive thing here is that this yacht managed to sink an entire tanker after crashing into it.

The incident occurred on Christmas Day 2019, not far from the Bahamas. The 63-meter superyacht rammed its stern into a tanker and the damage was so severe that the tanker sank more than two kilometers deep.

Even the owners of the yacht, who prefer to remain anonymous, are shocked.

“And we are still seeking answers to many questions surrounding the actions of both boats,” said the official statement from the owners of the Utopia IV. Fortunately, there were no casualties and only a few scratches on the superyacht.

For the next two years, the boat was docked in port, partly for safety reasons and partly because of the pandemic. It turns out that during this time its price does not fall and even minor defects do not affect its market value.

Therefore, now “Utopia IV” is being sold for the not particularly modest sum of 51.5 million dollars.

The boat is the creation of the Italian shipbuilders Rossinavi, who have put the best that Botusha’s designers are capable of. The superyacht’s elongated base is inspired by sports sailboats, but without compromising on engines and technology.

Suffice it to say that the legendary Battista Pininfarina, who remains known for his uncompromisingly stylish designs, also worked for Rossinavi.

The narrow base of “Utopia IV” should not deceive observers – on the yacht, there is a 70 square meter beach bar, three spa pools, and a helicopter pad. In addition to the guest cabins, there is also accommodation for a crew of 13 people.

The yacht is powered by four custom Rolls-Royce engines, and the interior is mostly rare wood and marble. The average speed of the yacht is 15 to 18 knots but can reach 33 knots if all four engines are engaged at the same time.

The interior also includes products from premium brands such as Hermes and Armani.

The master bedroom has 180-degree sea views provided by floor-to-ceiling windows. This same bedroom has a private jacuzzi, an office area, a sitting area, and a private balcony. One of the three pools on the deck has a glass floor.

Product photos of the interior show that it is designed in nautical colors – light and dark blue, white and beige. Soft furniture is visible, which in no way suggests that the passengers are on a yacht, but rather speaks of the furnishings of an elite club.

The yacht Utopia IV made her debut at the Miami, Florida yacht show and has been barely talked about since. At least until she wins Superyacht of the Year and manages to sink an oil tanker with just one collision and escape with minor damage.

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