Apple’s smart glasses are postponed for next year

The company will probably not show them at the conference this week.

Apple has postponed the debut of its smart glasses for virtual and augmented reality for next year. The reason for this is problems with the cooling of the device’s processor, according to sources in The New York Times.

According to them, the development of glasses is accompanied by many difficulties. First, there were problems with insufficient hardware power. After that, challenges with the battery and others had to be solved.

Now the hardware is powerful enough, but it generates too much heat, which is not good for its long operation. That’s why Apple has postponed the debut of the device for next year. She was expected to present it at her annual WWDC conference this week.

There is still speculation that the company will mention the device and show some of its capabilities. She did the same for her other proposals. Apple itself has not commented on the topic at all.

However, expectations for the glasses in question are very high from fans and analysts right now. This device could create a new popular category, and according to many rumors, Apple is investing huge funds in its development, as well as to provide relevant content. The company wants it to be used for games, video watching, interactive applications and many other activities.

According to other rumors, Apple is even considering offering two versions of the glasses. One will be cheaper, with more limited possibilities, while the other will offer the maximum of currently available technologies. The company’s CEO Tim Cook does not hide his interest in virtual reality, but did not comment on whether Apple will offer services in this area.

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