Lost in Alaska: iPhone 14’s SOS function saved a life for the first time

For the first time, one of the main functions of the iPhone 14 line of smartphones – the support for satellite connections – showed how useful and efficient it can be.

On the night of November 30 to December 1, a man lost in the middle of Alaska sent an SOS signal to a rescue team via satellite using his phone, the MacRumors portal reported.

Search teams were dispatched to the GPS coordinates listed in his message and the man was rescued. It is noted that the rescuers were very surprised at how accurately the smartphone transmitted the coordinates. Emergency Satellite Connection is available for ‌iPhone 14‌ users and can be activated when an emergency occurs and no WiFi or cellular connection is available. The feature is free to use for two years, but Apple has yet to provide details on how much it will cost going forward, the announcement said.

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