Meta will fight online discrimination

The ad platform will rely on improved artificial intelligence

Meta is launching a new campaign to curb online discrimination. It turns out that there is one even in online ads, reports Engadget.

The new VRS (Variance Reduction System) technology launched first in the US. It will verify that the audience that will see each ad matches the one chosen by the advertiser.

It will also ensure that the audience is not limited to specific groups. Another machine-learning system will then generate the demographic data and analysis that will be passed on to advertisers. VRS will analyze the entire online ad distribution process and can change settings in real-time to target specific groups.

Meta says the system cannot see an individual person’s data. In addition, another function adds “noise”, i.e. additional data that does not allow the smart algorithm to recognize a specific person.

The first category where the technology will work is accommodation, rental and home buying ads. The system is the result of a lawsuit that was filed by US institutions alleging that it allowed discrimination in this type of advertising, allowing advertisers to exclude certain groups.

The company reached a settlement in the case, which also includes the creation of VRS. Other companies are expected to follow suit if Meta’s system is successful.

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