NASA has lost two hurricane satellites

The satellites failed to reach orbit

Two small NASA hurricane satellites failed to reach orbit due to a malfunction in the Astra rocket shortly after the launch, world news agencies reported.

“After a nominal first-degree flight, the upper stage of the rocket shut down early and failed to bring CubeSats TROPICS into orbit,” NASA said.

The problem arose about 10 minutes after the launch of the 3.3 rocket of “Astra” from Cape Canaveral, Florida.

In a pre-launch website, NASA described the mission as a constellation of six shoebox-sized satellites that will “study the formation and development of tropical cyclones by observing more frequently than is possible now with satellite satellites.” weather monitoring “.

In February 2021, Astra signed a $ 7.95 million contract with NASA for three launches, each with two TROPICS satellites.

Hoping to become a key player in the market for small satellite launches, Astra promises more frequent launches with more flexibility than companies using larger rockets.

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