Small mistakes that make your car worthless

These small problems can cost the owner dearly

Cars are one of the most valuable assets most people will own. The unfortunate part of owning a vehicle is that, unlike real estate, it will – with some exceptions – depreciate. From the moment it leaves the shop, the new car begins to lose its value rapidly.

Most car owners will make varying degrees of effort to slow down this process, but some ignore what’s happening because for them the car is just a means of transportation. Here are the mistakes made by drivers that help depreciate a car faster.

Ignoring warning signals
Over the years, manufacturers have added all sorts of warning lights and messages that many users find more of a mild inconvenience than an indication that something terrible is about to happen. This could be because the check engine light included in the gauge cluster to signal engine problems is often illuminated due to problems that do not pose an immediate risk of failure.

A car can run fine for years with a lamp on without causing immediate mechanical failure, but environmental pollution beyond acceptable levels is possible. All environmental concerns aside, there’s a good reason not to ignore this signal. It can warn of future problems that are very expensive to fix.

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