The end of an icon: Apple stops iPod

Apple has officially announced the end of an era - the company has stopped production of the iPod Touch, the last remaining portable music player in its portfolio. Thus, after the sale was sold out, the iPod, which appeared 20 years ago, remains in history.

Apple reminds that the player may no longer be there, but the “spirit of the iPod lives” in their other devices, which can also listen to music – iPhone, iPad and HomePod Mini.

The first iPod appeared in 2001. Although MP3 players were several years ahead of it, it was Apple’s product that Steve Jobs said could “fit your entire music library in your pocket” that changed the way you listen to music. mostly because of the sleek design and ease of use. However, before that, people listened to music outside with walkmen and diskmen.

Apple has developed several models of the device over the years, with various improvements for photos and video, the latest – Touch has almost the same features as phones except the ability to communicate.

In the end, however, the player simply can not keep up with competition from smartphones, including the iPhone. Almost no one sees the point of carrying two devices anymore, given that only his cell phone does the same job.

The team that developed Apple’s music player was aware of the fate of the device and that at some point the iPhone would replace the music device. “It became very clear to us that there was a real danger from smartphones. They started adding music and MP3 players to the phones,” Tony Fadel, one of the people who developed the original, first iPod, told The Verge.

For Apple, however, this was not a problem.

“In the company, everything we tried, especially during Steve’s time, had to be sold because it was fundamental. There was no way not to make a successful iPhone just so the iPod wouldn’t be killed,” Fadel said.

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