The Russians demanded from Sony 280 million rubles in compensation for the closure of the PlayStation Store

Several dozen users of Sony PlayStation in Russia have filed a lawsuit against the company, estimating the moral damage from the suspension of its work in Russia at 10 million rubles (about 297,400 leva at today's exchange rate) for each.

Sony closed in Russia in March and restricted the PlayStation Store, which buys and updates console games. The Khoroshevo District Court in Moscow has filed a class action lawsuit against Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited (Sony’s European division) and Sony Electronics’ Moscow office over restricting consumer access to the PlayStation Store. In the lawsuit, 28 Sony PlayStation users demand access to the PlayStation Store, return the opportunity to purchase software, including games, and compensate them for moral damages of 10 million rubles each, Vedomosti reports. who has read the document. In March, Sony stopped its activities in Russia and limited the PlayStation Store amid a “special military operation,” as the Kremlin still calls the war in Ukraine. The Consumer Protection Act does not provide for the refusal to provide services in connection with the actions of the state in the territory of any country, the lawsuit says. The terms of use of Sony’s programs also do not provide for the refusal to provide the service “in connection with the domestic and foreign policy of the country of location and residence of consumers,” said lawyer Stanislav Isakov, representing the interests of the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs explain the moral damages of 10 million rubles for each, among other things, with the high price of the Sony PlayStation 5-119,000 rubles (about 3540 levs). For this amount, consumers expected to use the features announced at the time of purchase. The plaintiffs believe that the amount of 280 million rubles (about 8,329,100 levs) is stronger for Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe Limited, whose revenues in 2020 exceeded $ 25 billion. According to the founder of the studio Vengeance Games Konstantin Sakhnov, in Russia in 2021. the company has earned about $ 200 million from Sony PlayStation consoles. Lawyer in GRATA International St. Petersburg’s Vladislava Novokreshchenova considers the plaintiffs ‘claims to be “obviously disproportionate to the termination of access to the PS Store or to the plaintiffs’ possible moral suffering due to the defendant’s actions”, but acknowledges that the significant reduction in the functionality of the purchased device entitles them to the purchase value of the goods or the return of previously paid money. According to her, given the location of the corporation (London), it will be impossible for the plaintiffs to comply with the court’s decision in the UK. But if the defendant has property or money in Russia, the plaintiffs may impose an attachment on them.

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