The solar panel car garnered 20,000 orders

Expected prices in the early 2023 Sion start at €29,990

The German company Sono Motors, based in Munich, announced that 20,000 customers have already paid a deposit (the minimum amount for which is 500 euros) required to acquire its Sion minivan. Prices for the electric model with a solar battery in Germany start at €29,990.

Production of the model will begin in the second half of 2023, with deliveries to customers scheduled for the end of the year. The electric car will be produced in Finland – at the Valmet Automotive plant. This is a company that specializes in manufacturing cars for other manufacturers.

From a technical point of view, the Sion is covered with 456 photovoltaic cells capable of recharging the batteries with enough energy to guarantee trips between 112 and 245 km per week. The car is also equipped with a 54kWh battery which, if charged to 100%, promises a range of 305km.

The battery, in addition to receiving energy from the solar panels that cover the entire body (the latter are located on the roof and front cover, but also on the wings, doors, and tailgate), can be charged with 11 kW alternating current or with direct current up to 75 kW power.

Sono Motors says that according to estimates and given the huge interest, the Sion has what it takes to become the first solar-powered electric car to reach mass production. Specifically, the company plans to produce 257,000 units over seven years.

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