American citizens consider the tension between China and Taiwan a serious problem

Poll finds Americans deeply concerned about China's growing power, its partnership with Russia and its conflict with Taiwan

Some 43% of Americans consider the tension between Taiwan and China to be a “very serious problem” for the United States, an increase of 8% since March. This is according to data from a study by the US-based PEW Research Center, published earlier this week.

5,098 adult US citizens took part in the survey.

A total of 82% of those surveyed said tensions between Taiwan and China were “serious” or “very serious,” an issue ranked third behind the Sino-Russian partnership, considered worrisome by 87%, and China’s military power – 86%.

Meanwhile, 50 percent of respondents (up 7 percent from the March survey) say China’s military might is a “very serious” problem.

Americans were apparently less concerned about Chinese President Xi Jinping securing a third term at the CCP National Congress, with 41% calling it a “serious” problem and just 30% calling it a “very serious” one. issue.

Although more Americans express concern about tensions in the Taiwan Strait and China’s growing military power, 54% think Washington should prioritize visits by high-ranking American politicians to Taiwan over existing ties with China. Here again, growth is noticeable – from 38% in March to 54% in October.

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