Biden: The United States is not seeking to overthrow Putin

Pentagon, Germany supply modern missiles to Ukraine, while Switzerland does not allow Denmark to send

The United States will provide HIMARS M142 rocket launchers to Ukraine, an anonymous high-ranking Reuters and AFP official said as soon as the New York Times published an article of President Biden. In it, Biden describes how the United States will continue military and financial assistance to Ukraine.

The BBC summarizes the article:

– “The goal of the United States is clear. We want to see a democratic, independent, sovereign and prosperous Ukraine that can protect itself from aggression … So I decided to provide Ukrainians with more sophisticated missile systems and ammunition that would allow them to strike. key objectives on the battlefield “.

“We do not call on Ukraine to strike beyond its borders and do not provide it with such weapons. We do not want the war to continue solely to the detriment of Russia. My basic principle for this crisis is not to make decisions without the involvement of itself. Ukraine: I will not put any pressure on the Ukrainian government – either publicly or privately – to persuade it to make territorial concessions. ”

“I know that many around the world are worried about the danger of using nuclear weapons. At the moment there are no signs that Russia is ready to use them in Ukraine, despite the fact that periodic swinging of a nuclear bat is dangerous and irresponsible. I will be clear – everyone use of nuclear weapons is completely unacceptable and will have serious consequences ”

“We are not aiming for a NATO war with Russia. As much as I disagree with Mr Putin’s actions, as much as I think he is acting terribly. The United States is not seeking to overthrow Putin. Until the United States and its allies become “we will not take a direct part in the conflict, we will not send American troops to Ukraine, nor will we attack Russian forces.”

“Vladimir Putin did not expect us to be so united. He was wrong. If he hopes that in the coming months we will change our position or there will be disagreement in our ranks – he is wrong again.”

The high-ranking official clarified that Ukraine wants HIMARS M142 missiles. This system has ammunition with a range of up to 300 km, but according to AFP, it is clear that Ukraine will not receive such ammunition, but only with a range of up to 80 km. And these missiles are superior to the Russian Tornado artillery, which reaches 70 km.

“Ukrainians will use this system to cover the Russian offensive on Ukrainian territory, but they will not use it on Russian territory,” both agencies quoted the official as saying.

It is currently unknown how many installations the United States will send to Ukraine, now the number of artillery cannons of the Russian army exceeds the Ukrainian, despite the fact that they are inferior in quality to Western cannons.

Shortly after the announcement by the United States, the Russian Ministry of Defense said that exercises of the Russian nuclear forces had begun in the province of Ivanovo, in the northeastern part of the country. There is no mention of a direct link to the US-announced supply of missile systems.

Germany to send modern anti-aircraft missiles and radar systems to Ukraine, Chancellor Scholz announced

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz said at the same time that his country would send modern anti-aircraft missiles and radar systems to Ukraine, increasing arms supplies amid criticism that Berlin was not doing enough to help Kyiv defend itself against Russia. press, quoted by BTA.

Scholz told German parliamentarians that the government had decided to provide Ukraine with IRIS-T short-range guided missiles, developed by Germany and NATO partners.

The chancellor noted that radar systems will also be delivered to Kyiv, with which the Ukrainian military will be able to determine the location of enemy artillery.

The aim of the German government is to ensure that Russian President Vladimir Putin “does not win” the war that began in Ukraine, Scholz told the Bundestag during the budget debate. “Our goal is for Ukraine to be able to defend itself and do so successfully,” the chancellor was quoted as saying by the DPA.

Switzerland did not allow Denmark to send armored vehicles to Ukraine

The Swiss government has vetoed a request from Denmark to allow it to send Swiss-made armored personnel carriers to Ukraine, citing its policy of neutrality, under which it does not supply weapons to conflict zones, Reuters reported. from BTA. The agencies refer to a statement from the Swiss television “SRF”.

The Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (DIPC) has rejected a request from Denmark to allow Ukraine to provide about 20 armored vehicles to the Piranha III infantry, the television said, citing confirmation from the agency itself. DUIS has not yet commented on the information.

Neutral Switzerland requires foreign countries that purchase Swiss weapons to seek permission before re-exporting it. In April, it vetoed the re-export of Swiss-made anti-aircraft munitions sent by Germany to Ukraine. She also refused a request from Poland for weapons to help her neighbor Ukraine.

Switzerland has put an end to past practices and imposed EU sanctions aimed at punishing Russia for invading Ukraine, which Moscow describes as a special military operation to disarm and “denationalize” the neighboring country. But Switzerland’s neutrality faces its most serious test in decades amid the country’s ongoing debate over how to implement a policy that prevented Switzerland from participating in the two world wars of the 20th century.

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