Biden’s granddaughter will marry in the White House

Naomi Biden will marry Peter Neill on Saturday

A granddaughter of US President Joe Biden will marry in the White House, AP reported.

Naomi Biden will marry Peter Neal on Saturday, BTA reported.

This will be the 19th wedding in White House history. According to the American Presidential Historical Association, however, for the first time, the bride is the granddaughter of the president. This will also be the first wedding on the South Lawn of the White House.

A mutual friend introduced Naomi Biden, 28, and Neil, 25, about four years ago in New York and they have been together ever since. The American president’s granddaughter is the daughter of his son Hunter Biden. Neal is a recent graduate of the University of Pennsylvania Law School. They live in Washington.

Nine of the 18 documented White House weddings are of presidential daughters. The last one was Richard Nixon’s daughter, Tricia, in 1971. Nephews, a son, and siblings of the first ladies have also been married in the famous building. One of the presidents, Grover Cleveland, was married in the White House during his term.

US First Lady Jill Biden said she was excited to see her granddaughter “plan her wedding, make her choices become, you know, her own person, and she’s so beautiful.” “So I can’t wait for you all to see her as a bride,” her grandmother recently added on singer Kelly Clarkson’s talk show.

Stuart McLaren, president of the White House Historical Association, said special occasions in the American presidency are not easily forgotten. “If you have the privilege to celebrate there a holiday or a special occasion in your life, such as a wedding, it is a very memorable event,” he emphasized.

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