Dead and dozens missing after tornadoes in the US

In north Texas, near the Oklahoma border, about 50 homes were damaged or destroyed

At least one person has died and many others are missing after tornadoes ripped through the southern US states of Oklahoma, Texas, and Arkansas.

The storms moved through southeastern Oklahoma on Friday.

The state’s governor, Kevin Stitt, said a 90-year-old man had died.

“We’ve searched all the houses and there’s only one death,” Stitt said in a video message.

In north Texas, near the Oklahoma border, about 50 homes were damaged or destroyed, the Lamar County Sheriff’s Office said.

“At the regional medical center in Paris, 10 people are being treated, two of them are in critical condition but stable. There are no deaths at this time.”

District Judge Brandon Bell has declared a state of emergency for Lamar County

Oklahoma Gov. Kevin Stitt said he is praying for the people affected by the tornadoes that hit several counties:

“Storms hit Bryan, Choctaw, and Le Flore counties, among others. Additional flash flooding in some areas”.

The US National Weather Service had issued tornado warnings for parts of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

Tornadoes are a common and devastating weather phenomenon in the United States, with the Great Plains states of Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas being hardest hit.

Last December, dozens of devastating tornadoes swept through five US states overnight, killing at least 79 people in Kentucky, and deaths were also reported in Tennessee, Arkansas, Missouri, and Illinois.



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