Donald Trump has put his digital postcard collection up for sale

After former US President Donald Trump solemnly announced a few days ago that he was going to make a “major announcement”, he surprised the world by saying that it was about putting on sale a series of trading cards with his likeness. Thus, he defied expectations that he would make a political statement – for example, by announcing his vice-presidential candidate in the upcoming 2024 elections.

The cards are not even printed on paper, they are only digital. Shoppers can send them to their phones or computers. They depict moments from the former president’s life and career. They depict Trump as a superhero, an astronaut, and a cowboy.

Each of the cards costs $99 and can be purchased from a special site. The money from their sale will finance his presidential campaign two years from now. “Much like trading baseball cards, but hopefully much more exciting,” Trump wrote on his social media account.

“It would make a great Christmas present. Don’t wait. They will disappear, I believe, very quickly because they are limited edition!” he urged potential buyers. Trump “warmed up” to the impending revelation on Wednesday by posting a drawing of himself in a Superman costume.

“America Needs a Superhero”.

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