Elon Musk accused American media of racism

Billionaire Elon Musk accused the media of anti-white and anti-Asian racism after a number of US newspapers stopped publishing author Scott Adams’ “Dilbert” comic due to comments he made that were perceived as offensive to black Americans, Reuters reported.

Among the newspapers that have suspended “Dilbert” are the Los Angeles Times, the Washington Post and USA Today. The reason was Adams’ remarks on his YouTube channel, in which he described black Americans as a “hate group” and made racist comments.

In a post on Twitter, Musk said the media has been racist against people of color for a long time, but is now “racist against whites and Asians.” “Maybe they can try not to be racist,” Musk wrote. Responding to a user who said white victims of police brutality receive a fraction of the media attention compared to black victims, Musk said the coverage was “grossly disproportionate to present a false narrative.” Musk’s latest comments are on the occasion of the Dilbert creator’s remarks, which recommended that white Americans “stay away from black people.”

Adams said this in response to a poll by the conservative Rasmussen Reports that said 26 percent of black respondents disagreed with the statement “It’s okay to be white.”

Musk’s views on public issues have been closely watched since he acquired Twitter in October. He has clashed with human rights groups over the protection against hate speech on social media and the reinstatement of some accounts that were previously blocked. Some advertisers have left the platform due to concerns about the security of their brands.

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