For 93% of single Americans, their budget is also suffering

76% of married respondents believe their well-being has improved since getting married

The results of a survey conducted among more than a thousand adult Americans show a correlation between well-being and loneliness, Forbes reported.

The purpose of the study was to find out to what extent the financial situation is affected by the additional expenses incurred by single people. 93% of them admit that they suffer from additional costs. At the same time, 76% of married respondents believe that their well-being has improved since they got married.

A third of those surveyed have avoided ending a relationship in the past for financial gain. 14% were in an unwanted relationship solely because of the money. 35% of singles solved their financial problems by sharing some expenses with parents, neighbors, brothers or sisters.

Financial consultant Judy Leahy, commenting on the survey data, said that financial gain is not a reason to stay in an unhappy marriage. “There are many alternatives that are less damaging to mental and emotional health. The cost of an unhealthy relationship is far more expensive than having to pay the bills alone,” she concluded.

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