In a week, there will be an election in America that will decide the future of Biden

Will the Democrats be able to block the path of the "red wave" promised by the Republicans in the US Congress? The answer will be known in a week

Will the Democrats be able to block the path of the “red wave” promised by the Republicans in the US Congress? The answer will be known a week from the midterm elections, no doubt decisive for Joe Biden’s political future.

After a fierce campaign focused on inflation, Republicans seem to be seeing more and more chances to strip the Democratic president of the majority he has on Nov. 8.

In these “midterm elections” Americans are invited to renew the entire 435-member House of Representatives and one-third of the Senate.

“If you’re sick of runaway inflation and overpriced gas, if you’re sick of our borders staying open and crime skyrocketing, Republicans have made a commitment to you,” Conservative Leader Kevin McCarthy assured.


Produced two years after the presidential election, this election effectively becomes a referendum on the occupant of the White House. It is very rare for the president’s party to avoid a penalty vote.

Joe Biden is trying to crookedly to the left to convince Americans that with the upcoming vote they will rather make a “choice” about the future of the issue of abortion or gay marriage – all topics on which he has promised to pass laws using a solid majority of his party in both houses of Congress.

Accused of deviating from the voters’ number one priority – inflation, the Democrats recently began to work on the issue, assuring that it is the Republicans who will “ruin the economy”. He is expected to do so again today at a campaign rally in Florida.

However, his message is difficult to perceive.

According to the latest polls, the Republican opposition is very likely to win the lower house. The fate of the Senate remains more uncertain.

Losing control of Congress would be a heavy defeat for the soon-to-be 80-year-old president, who he said had “intended” to run for office again in 2024.

It speaks to the optimism reigning in the Republican camp that the “Great Old Party” (GOP), as it is called in the US, is already aiming for mandates from districts considered a stronghold of the Democrats.

“Without you, there will be no red wave,” the Conservative candidates repeat to galvanize their voters.

In any case, this election is of interest – more than 22 million people have already voted in advance, according to the US Elections Project website (which tracks turnout), mainly in the most contested states.

Course to Pennsylvania

Specifically, the outcome of the battle for control of Congress, fueled by hundreds of millions of dollars, is decided in a handful of key states.

All the spotlights are on Pennsylvania, a former steel-mining hub, where the surgeon and multimillionaire Mehmet Oz, a political inductee from Donald Trump, is facing a bald giant and former mayor John Fetterman in a battle for a Senate seat.

Their match is decisive, since it may even depend on which camp will prevail in the upper house of Congress. On Saturday, as part of the campaign, this state will be visited by three US presidents – Joe Biden, Donald Trump, and Barack Obama.

As it was in 2020, Georgia is also at the center of appetites. Democrat Raphael Warnock, the first black senator elected in this state with a heavily segregated past, will fight for re-election in a rivalry with Herschel Walker, a former African-American athlete supported by Donald Trump.

As it can be seen from the polls, the former head of state, who redoubled his efforts in this campaign, has brought into political candidates with the most incredible profile, and they in return swear absolute loyalty to him.

Because the future of the seventy-year-old politician is also at stake – the Republican billionaire does not hide that he may run for president in the 2024 elections, which opens up the possibility of a repeat of his duel with Joe Biden from two years ago.

Supporters of Donald Trump are brimming with self-confidence – they claim that the midterm elections will not be a “red wave” (the color traditionally associated with Republicans), but a straight “tsunami”.

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