Musk showed documents on how Twitter covered up a scandal involving Joe Biden’s son

The new owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, published on his page on the social network a link to the publications of the journalist Matt Taibbi, to whom he provided evidence of hiding the Twitter scandal with Hunter Biden, son of the US President Joe Biden. At issue is the story of Hunter’s repaired laptop, in which were found photographs of minors and correspondence with a 14-year-old girl, as well as materials pointing to his involvement in drug trafficking and the use of his father’s political influence for lobbying activities. This happened in 2020, shortly before the US presidential election. The documents Musk gave Tybee show that Twitter took extraordinary measures to quell the scandal.

Elon Musk’s link was accompanied by a call to “get started” after he previously promised to release documents about the social network’s role in Hunter Biden’s laptop scandal.

Tybee wrote on his profile that “Twitter has taken extreme measures to hide this story, removing links and posting warnings that (this information) may be ‘unsafe.’ They even directly blocked messages and information, such a tool is only intended for exceptional cases, for example in relation to child pornography.” And this is just one example of many cases where Twitter has impeded the free flow of information, he wrote. According to the journalist, the social network has received and honored requests to review content from both Joe Biden’s campaign and former Republican chief of staff Donald Trump. At the same time, according to the journalist, the leadership of the social network maintained closer contact with the Democrats than with the Republicans.

However, the authenticity of the information provided by Tybee cannot yet be confirmed.

In October 2020, shortly before the US presidential election, the New York Post newspaper published a series of articles based on correspondence allegedly found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, found at a computer repair shop in the State of Delaware. The owner of the workshop made a copy of his hard drive, which was given to Rudy Giuliani, the personal lawyer of then-US President Donald Trump. The laptop was later confiscated by the FBI. The British newspaper “Daily Mail” writes that the photos found on the laptop may show the participation of Biden Jr. in criminal activities related to drug trafficking and prostitution. Republican James Comer of the House Oversight Committee promised in November an investigation of US President Joe Biden into whether his family was involved in international business schemes and whether the US leader posed a national security risk. According to the lawmaker cited by the media, the president’s son Hunter has entered into business connections around the world and can become a millionaire simply by providing access to interested parties to high-ranking members of his family. Among other things, as Comer had pointed out, Hunter Biden may be connected to human traffickers and evidence of the controversial activity is contained on his laptop.

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