No Forgiveness: Double Murderer Arrested 33 Years Later

He is currently 79 years old

In the United States, they arrested a 79-year-old criminal who committed a double murder 33 years ago, National Public Radio reported. George Peacock, 76, and his wife Catherine Peacock, 73, were fatally stabbed in October 1989 in Syracuse, New York. The police found no signs of a break-in at the couple’s house, and no valuables were stolen.

Michael Anthony Lewis, the victim’s brother-in-law, was immediately suspected of the crime, but the investigation had only circumstantial evidence, which did not allow charges to be brought against him.

The breakthrough in the case came only in 2020 when a DNA examination was carried out on a bloodstain found in Louise’s car. The genetic material turned out to be that of the deceased George Peacock. The blood from the car had been tested before, but at that time the test was negative.

Michael Anthony Lewis is currently 79 years old. He is in jail awaiting formal charges.

It was previously reported that a 71-year-old man accused of murdering two women was found guilty in the United States. The crimes were committed in 1982.

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