Reverse: Greece no longer allows the United States to confiscate Iranian oil

The case provoked an angry reaction from Iran, which appealed the court's initial decision

A Greek court has overturned an earlier court order allowing the United States to seize part of an Iranian oil shipment from an Iranian-flagged tanker off the coast of Greece, world news agencies reported.

The case provoked an angry reaction from Iran. Last month, Iranian forces detained two Greek oil tankers in the Persian Gulf after Tehran warned it would take “punitive action” against Athens.

Iran is also appealing the court’s initial decision. The claim for annulment of the decision was accepted by the court, said a source familiar with the case.

It is unclear whether the US or Greek governments will challenge the ruling by the Halkis Region Court of Appeal.

Athens has described Iran’s detention of two Greek oil tankers in the Persian Gulf as “piracy”.

The case came after Greek authorities detained the Iranian-flagged ship Lana (formerly Pegasus) in April with a 19-member Russian crew off the coast of Euboea due to European Union sanctions.

The ship was quickly released due to property complications. In May, however, the United States seized some of Iran’s oil cargo on board and transferred it to another ship following a Greek court ruling.

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