The United States has agreed on arms reform

The United States has the highest rate of firearms deaths among the world's richest nations

A potential breakthrough for the first major new U.S. gun bill in decades is looming after a bipartisan group of senators announced on Sunday an agreement on a bill with enough Republican support to pass through the U.S. Senate, where Democrats have a majority. only one vote – that of Vice President Kamala Harris, who chairs the upper house of the US Congress, world agencies report.

The plan, which benefits from President Joe Biden’s approval, includes support for a law restricting access to firearms to potentially dangerous people, tougher criminal history checks for gun buyers under the age of 21 and countering the purchase of guns for others. who do not meet the conditions.

Legislative changes have catalyzed the shooting of a primary school in Uwaldi, Texas and a supermarket in Buffalo, New York, the framework is far less ambitious than what Biden and other Democrats want – a ban on semi-automatic assault rifles and high-capacity assault rifles or at least raising the minimum age for the purchase of such weapons from 18 to 21.

The deal came a day after tens of thousands of people gathered in Washington and elsewhere in the United States to call for legislation to reduce gun violence.

Although an important breakthrough, the agreement does not guarantee that the legislation will be approved. Petitioners still need to find the right wording that can attract enough votes to gain approval in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, which is controlled by Democrats, albeit by a small majority.

The United States has the highest rate of firearms deaths among the world’s richest nations. But it is also a country where many value gun rights, and the second amendment to its constitution protects the right to “own and bear arms.”

A spokesman for the National Arms Association said the influential firearms protection group would not take a position on the framework until the detailed legislative text is finalized. The association warned that it would oppose any effort to deprive Americans of their right to bear arms.

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