The United States has scrapped 82 million doses of Covid vaccines

The United States has released 82.1 million doses of Kovid vaccines from December 2020 to mid-May this year. That's about 11 percent of all coronavirus doses ordered and paid for, according to data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In only two pharmacy chains, almost a quarter of the doses were discarded. Oklahoma and Alaska are leaders in scrapping overdoses of vaccines.

The World Health Organization has already expressed concern about the huge volume of discarded vaccines, given that less than half of Americans with two doses have chosen to give a booster dose. According to the organization, this dose is key to combating newer, more contagious virus strains. At the same time, many of the poorer countries still do not have access to vaccines. “This is a huge loss for pandemic control – especially in the context of millions of people around the world who have not even been able to receive a first dose,” said Dr. Sheila Shenoy, an infectious disease expert at Yale Medical School. Millions of doses in the United States have been discarded due to expired shelf life, poor vaccine quality in accidents – such as when power went out and vaccine refrigerators turned off, and unused vials – one bottle of the drug is enough for six doses of vaccine. , but at the end of the day there may not have been as many willing to be vaccinated, according to the WHO. Unlike most other immunizations in the United States, coronavirus vaccines are available in multi-dose vials, which means that all doses must be used within hours of the vials being opened.

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