The US urged its citizens to leave Russia immediately

The US Embassy in Moscow urged its citizens to leave Russia immediately while "there is still an opportunity" to do so. This was reported on the website of the diplomatic mission.

“U.S. citizens should not visit Russia, and those who are there or traveling to Russia should immediately leave the country while there are still limited opportunities for commercial travel,” the embassy said. From there, they expressed concerns that the Russian side may “refuse to recognize the dual citizenship of US citizens, deny this person access to consular assistance from the US, prohibit them from leaving Russia, and call them up for military service.”

It is noted that the number of commercial flights is already extremely limited and it is often not possible to buy a ticket at short notice before the trip. “Overland routes by car or bus are still open. If you want to leave Russia, you should take care of it yourself as soon as possible,” the embassy said.

Earlier this week, Bulgaria and Poland also advised their citizens to consider urgently leaving Russian territory and to refrain from traveling to the country.

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