Trump declared Biden an “enemy of the state”

He called for the death penalty for drug dealers

Former US President Donald Trump has declared current President Joe Biden an “enemy of the state”, the BBC reported.

In his first appearance at a rally since the raids at his Mar a Lago, Florida, estate, Trump accused Biden of using the FBI as a weapon against him. In front of thousands of people at a rally in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, in support of two Republican candidates in the fall midterm elections, the former president called the raids “one of the most appalling abuses of power of any administration in American history.

The rally was a campaign rally for Mehmet Oz, who is running for the federal Senate, and state senator Doug Mastriano, who is running for governor of Pennsylvania. The two candidates spoke briefly, with the main speaker being the 76-year-old Trump, the BBC noted.

The first part of his speech, which lasted nearly two hours, was devoted to criticism of the FBI, after which he returned to familiar topics – claims that his victory in the 2020 election was stolen, attacks on members of the Democratic Party and promises to save the country. On several occasions, Trump has called for the death penalty for drug dealers.

Oz’s and Mastriano’s election results in November will be seen as a referendum on the strength of Trump’s support for them and the political ideologies he is spreading within the Republican Party. Donald Trump’s name may not be on the ballot this year in Pennsylvania, but Trumpism is certainly there, the BBC has concluded.

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