Trump is suing the US government

Former US President Donald Trump filed a lawsuit against the US government in connection with the search of his Mar-a-Lago estate by the FBI, writes "Now".

He is insisting on temporarily suspending the reading of the materials seized by the FBI until a special judicial officer is appointed to review the seized documents. The Guardian cited Trump lawyer Jim Trusty, as well as two other sources familiar with the matter, that “the suit claims the court should appoint a special officer, usually a retired lawyer or judge, because the FBI has potentially seized confidential materials, and the Department of Justice should not only decide what it can use in its investigation.”

The lawsuit also demands that the government provide a more detailed inventory and return any seized items not covered by the search warrant.

The Mar-a-Lago search, which took place on August 8, was aimed at looking for materials that the National Archives and Justice Department believe were wrongfully taken from the White House when Trump left office. It was reported that the search was carried out under the Espionage Act and that some of the material sought concerned nuclear weapons. Trump is being investigated for various crimes, starting with his business dealings in New York and ending with the investigation of attempts to change the election results.

The former president claims the FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago was abuse by the Biden administration. That position is supported by Republicans in Congress as well as the party’s constituents. The lawsuit, filed Monday, described the search as a “shockingly aggressive move.”

A federal judge previously explained that he had not yet decided whether releasing a redacted version of the search warrant would serve any useful purpose. The Justice Department resisted releasing the order because the investigation is pending.

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