Trump was responsible for the riots in the Capitol

According to the Special Commission, the former president has tried to stage a coup

A special commission of the US House of Representatives, which is investigating the circumstances surrounding the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021, showed some of the materials collected during the first public hearing. According to congressmen, they are proof that the 45th President of the United States Donald Trump is responsible for the riots in the center of the American capital and tried to stage a coup, BGNES reported.

During the hearing, several excerpts were shown, among other things, with testimonies of witnesses received from MPs. Footage was shown in which William Barr, who served under Trump as Secretary of Justice and Attorney General of the United States, disagreed that “the election was stolen.” He emphasizes that he does not want to take part in the attempts to challenge the result of the vote and directly tells Trump that his thesis about stolen elections is “nonsense”.

The members of the special commission also showed a recording of a conversation with Trump’s daughter – Ivanka, who was a presidential adviser in his administration. In the recording, she said: “I respect Attorney General Bar. That’s why I accepted what he said.”

The congressmen presented these words to Bar and Ivanka Trump, as well as other materials, as proof that the 45th President of the United States misinformed his supporters and in fact incited them to illegal actions.
The chairman of the appointed commission, Benny Thompson (Mississippi Democrat), described Trump’s actions as “a massive, multi-stage conspiracy to falsify the presidential election.” He said the events in the US Congress building were “the culmination of a coup attempt”.
House Speaker Liz Cheney, a Wyoming Republican who is also a member of the special committee, said during the hearing: “Those who stormed the Capitol and fought law enforcement for hours were motivated by it. that President Trump told them that the election had been stolen and that he was a legitimate president. ”

The special commission of inquiry includes seven Democrats and two Republicans, including Cheney. The latter have repeatedly criticized Trump. Many party members condemned them for this.

The hearing was broadcast live on many American television channels. Democrats, who formed a special committee, have scheduled the event for prime time, hoping to gather a large television audience to try to rectify, including in this way, the party’s near-catastrophic position on the eve of the midterm congressional elections. in November.

In the coming weeks, the commission is expected to work on and reveal details about Donald Trump’s “Stop Stealing the Election” campaign and the pressure he has put behind the scenes at the US Department of Justice to act against the announced election results and Joe Biden’s victory. However, there are already several failed lawsuits on the subject of alleged pressure from Trump.

Nine people, including one woman, were killed and 100 were injured in the attack. 800 people have been arrested and charged with the attack.

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