1.1 million households in Japan may be without electricity

There is a risk of a crisis comparable to that after the 2011 earthquake. In the event of a cold winter in 2022-2023, Japan's electricity shortages could reach the equivalent of 1.1 million households. This was reported by the Nikkei newspaper. According to the publication, the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Trade believes that a crisis comparable to the one after the 2011 earthquake is possible.

“To ensure a stable electricity supply in the area of ​​the capital, which includes Tokyo and neighboring prefectures, served by the energy company TERSO, a reserve of 3% is needed, and in case of cold winter a margin of 0.6% is envisaged.

The Japanese government is concerned that next winter may be the worst for the country since the Fukushima accident in 2012 in terms of providing the capital’s region with electricity. In this regard, during the week it will meet for the first time in the last 5 years at a special meeting dedicated to the provision of electricity. The information was confirmed today by the Secretary General of the Cabinet Hirokazu Matsuno.

Problems with electricity in the metropolitan area are expected this summer, and in the winter they will affect different regions of the country. The government may require energy companies to restart old thermal power plants that have been shut down due to their expiration, as well as nuclear power plants. In addition, energy companies will be obliged to warn the population and businesses about emerging difficulties in electricity supply.

The reasons are rising liquefied natural gas prices and growing concerns about the stability of electricity supplies.

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